The Cellar

Event & Tasting Venue Next Door To Wineshop!

Tastings, Events & More!


Off The Vine has been hosting events almost from the day we opened, and we continue every week with selection of events offering a selection of Red, White, Rosé  & Sparkling Wines, Whiskies of the World, Food Pairings and Presentations. 

Our Public events are ticketed through AllEvents which allow for secure payments and reservations management at no additional charge to our guests, other than sales taxes! Our upcoming events are shown below in chronological order. Simply click on the tile and the event details and arrangements will appear.  

Hosting Private Tasting & Events 

The Cellar Club

...Host your event here!

    When not scheduled for Off The Vine’s events, The Cellar Club is a great location for small group, social & corporate events up to 30 guests. W Offering a full bar, catering kitchen and all the glassware that might be needed to host a private tasting, champagne brunch, reception or meal, we would delighted to offer a proposal that will include everything to make your event amazing!!  Please note that dates may be blocked for private events that are not published.  

Host A Tasting!

A great place for a tasting, with all the glassware, furniture and space you'll need whether commercial, social or personal

Brunch Anyone?

Bridesmaids, Socials or Families, its a great way to get together and we can even help with Saberage too!

Dinner Plans

A comfortable alternative to space in a restaurant, the best part is you do not have to share! Great for manager outings

Birthday & Anniversaries

Nobody expects a surprise on Main St! The Cellar Club is a hidden gem for gathering friends, family and out of town guests !

Meeting Space With Benefits

Exclusive use meeting space that can be is already fitted out with WiFi, Screen, Beverage Service, Access To Main Street

Book Early To Be SURE!

Limited seating for each event, please book in advance to avoid disappointment

Ticketing Page with All Current Events will open for your review of events currently planned click tickets for details