Our Traditions

Wine is for sharing!

Off The Vine has led a charmed life so far, a quirky shop with a great personality, middle of Main Street, and the bustle of the village!. 

Wine is a passion for us, and literally every day we meet, taste, share and laugh with people that wine brings into our store and community!

The shop has been on Main Street now for 30 years, a fixture before Texas Wines hit it big, Tasting rooms were legal or finding wine in a grocery store was unheard of! 

Our regulars enjoy our tracking that remembers their purchases, and helps us to get to know where your wine journey is leading you! 

We believe that the most important question to ask with every new wine you taste is simple…. do you like it? It really is that simple. Ratings, reasons, vintages and scores mean nothing, its you that tastes, so there are nothing  wrong with NOT liking it!

how otv sells wine

Know What's In Your Bottle!

It is a strange feeling when you look at a bottle on your shelf or in your wine fridge, and your brain does not automatically start thinking flavors, if you wonder where it came from that is a good indication it was either a gift, or an impulse buy.  No bottle is sold here that has not been tasted by our team, You deserve it

Fine Taste

The art of winemaking is an ability to weave the flavors of the place it is from, with the place it may be drank

Great Packaging

We absolutely love a great presentation, the gift giver appreciates it, the wine drinker knows you care

Best Fruits

Wine is a living product, grown from the ground, the earth, the climate and the loving nature of the grower

Special Wine

Wines connect the place & time with a taste. Special can be expensive, it can be a moment, it can be a gift


The long story of Off The Vine

Dec 1993

Year Founded

As hard as it is to believe, Off The Vine  began as a gift shop. A local area gift shop on a relatively quiet corner of Tarrant County, Texas. Wendy saw an opportunity to offer gift baskets, share the local flavors, and offer keep sakes for tourists and families to remember their visit here.  Requests for gift baskets including wines made adding local Texas wines and easy addition, although not that many at the time, it established the first permit! Back in those days it was the second wine permit in town, and the only one in the village! 

Aug 1999

The Next Owners....

As Wendy’s family grew up, and more opportunities for travel and new experiences  arrived it came time to pass along their growing business to a new family that they knew well. Becky came from a high tech and sales background but really found her passion in wine. Wendy sought out a new proprietor among OTV’s most enthusiastic members, and introduced Becky to the fun world of retail and selecting for the shelves!  

Sept 2000

Expanding To Meet The Market!

The Little Shop that could kept growing by leaps and bounds, the only Wineshop in the village, it became the haunt of wine hunters & drinkers as word traveled about their selection and assistance. Becky with the help of Cilla, Dwight, Holly & Dwayne ran tastings in the Lancaster Room for sometimes 70-80 guests at a time! The Texas Winery program was starting to gain ground and Grapevine began hosting Texas wineries’ tasting rooms along Main Street!

Off The Vine branched out and opened shop number two in the newly opened Southlake Town Center, along with their winebar next door Into The Glass! 

July 2004

An Opportunity To Grow

Off The Vine’s shared wall next door became available when The Buckley’s Jewelry & Repair shop wrapped up business, and created the opportunity for a tasting room right beside the shop. Southlake’s Shop & Winebar closed up and relocated back here to Main Street in Grapevine. Local wine markets were changing, options for guests were increasing and a full time wine bar beside the shop did not hurt traffic at all! (In Grapevine, wineshops are not permitted to sell wines by the glass, unlike neighboring cities, so Into The Glass was THE place for great wine experiences!)  As local winedrinkers got to know Wayne and his innovative approach to pairings, small plates & having fun, they relied on Becky and Off The Vine to keep them in stock for purchase! 

Jun 2010

Passing On The OTV Tradition

Becky’ children had grown, were finishing school and building their own families and Becky wanted more time to wander and explore, so the time was right for a transition to the business’s third owner! Holly Donnelly had worked with Becky, Cilla & Dwight while also finishing her degree at UTD, working as a Graduate Gemologist and traveling back to the west coast wine areas when opportunities arose! A perfect candidate to carry on and adapt Off The Vine in Grapevine! In the decade since, Holly & Becky still collaborate on many tasting events, menus & ideas, they have hosted corporate events, guided custom travel packages and hosted many of their favorite winemakers here in Grapevine!

Mar 2015

Adaptating "Into The Glass"

Anyone that enjoyed wine, enjoyed a visit to Into The Glass Grapevine! Wayne was a gregarious host, a fanatic for details and a penchant for the dramatic if the opportunity allowed. After a decade of six days of service, Wayne decided he wanted more time to travel, and he retired “Into The Glass” into the lore of Grapevine, oft spoken about as the most fun in town, and always, always a truly stunning selection of wines & people that served them!  

Holly picked up the challenge, assumed the lease and started to adapt the space into The Cellar as its known today. A event space well appointed for tasting, and sharing, with the convenience of being next door and easy access to the shop! Biggest change was giving up the daily trade and focusing instead on tastings and and small group events, which continues today! 

Nov 2018

The arrival of Holly's "Jack Sparrow"!

Each owner & associate over the years has added to the culture at Off The Vine. What an amazing achievement to gather all three for the 25th Anniversary of OTV’s Opening with a special re-dedication & refurbishment of the original OTV Pendant above the front doors!  

The occasion lent itself well for the start of a new tradition too, celebrating with Bubbles all opened by Sabers! Holly began with a challenge from a wine company to offer more Sparkling and encourage guests to consider it for more than just Weddings & Receptions! Holly, being a bubbles person herself required little encouragement, and what better way to intrigue your customers than by swinging a Pirate’s own Saber to start every party! Five years on this is tradition that now carries into the holiday season with Sparkling & Champagne tastings every week and sometimes more than once!

Aug 2021

The Closing Of Trinity Hall Irish Pub in Dallas

Holly’s husband Marius spent a career in the bar & hotel trade, focused on Food & Beverage service and operations, its was what brought The Donnelly’s to town. Marius came to work with Hyatt @DFW when the operation included 2 towers, 36 holes of Golf and a completely outrageous Catering operation, after which he opened an Irish Pub in Dallas. Famous for its delicious food, live trad Irish Music and one of the cities best Whiskey selections counting up to four hundreds at its height. With all that the pandemic effected, it was decided not to renew their lease after a fine twenty year run, besides they had the Cellar now,  and no reason for Grapeviners to drive all the way to Dallas for great Whiskey Events! 

Oct 2022

OTV Goes Cruisin' ....

     What better way to say adios to the pandemic, zoom tastings, and mask wearing meetings than to take advantage of re-opening of travel and heading off to Bordeaux! Holly, Becky & more than 50 of OTV’s customers ran away to France, for a week long RiverCruise in and about the Bordeaux estuary and three main Rivers.  Earlier travel to Willamette, Columbia Valley, Napa & the region, was improved by having meals laid on, 24 hr service on call and of course the historic and famous Chateaux of Bordeaux to taste through!  2024 we have groups leaving for Piedmont and Tuscany, and some heavy hints there may be a distillery tour to Ireland in the offing too!  

We’re still making our history and would love for you to share it with us! Join us for Tasting, soon!